Plastic Injection Molds

  • High quality molds manufactured at True North Molds London, ON facility or using our offshore partners that produce part to print and meet customer specifications and expectations.
  • Through intense project management, TNM draws the necessary information from our customers and material suppliers and inputs into our design and manufacturing processes to ensure molds are produced as expected. Regular timelines are provided to customer to indicate project status.
  • Part data versus part print evaluation is completed for every job. Print is reviewed for unilateral tolerancing and TNM modifies supplied data as required to bring to the center or steel safe side of the tolerance range.
  • Specializing in prototype, single and multi-cavity pre-hardened and hardened molds for horizontal presses up to 750 tons and shuttle (over) molds for vertical presses.
  • TNM has relationships with offshore (China) suppliers dating back to 2005. All offshore suppliers have been through a rigorous evaluation process by TNM personnel. TNM provides warranty and services all molds produced offshore as well as tooling produced in our home facility.
  • Our mold suppliers use the latest and highest quality software, CNC machines, EDM’s, etc, to produce high quality molds. Many of them have climate controlled facilities for all of their machining processes.
  • All mold inserts, slides and electrodes are CMM verified following machining to ensure compliance to the design specifications, prior to moving to the next manufacturing process.
  • All molds are tested and proven in our injection presses to ensure they function as designed.
  • Full part layout is provided for every cavity to verify molds produce part to print.